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All of our aluminium powder coated products are pre-treated prior to powder coating to ensure the paint film will last for many years however it is recommended that powder coated surfaces are washed down regularly to maintain their good looks. We live in a harsh climate where dust, airborne pollutants and salts exist and which may be detrimental to any painted finish.

To maintain your powder coated aluminium, wash as you would wash your car. Hose down surfaces thoroughly beforehand to remove any loose dirt and dust and then wash gently with a soft bristle brush or sponge and a mild pH neutral detergent and rinse thoroughly afterwards.

How often depends mostly on the location. As a guide, cleaning should take place every 6 months however in city, coastal or industrial environments where pollutants are more prevalent, cleaning should take place every 3 months.

Whatever you do, don’t use abrasive cleaners, cutting compounds or strong solvents to clean your slats and gates as these will damage the paint finish. Avoid any cleaning products that recommend the use of gloves as this is a good indication that the product is harsh and probably not good for cleaning a powder coated surface.

To learn more about powder coating, see our About Powder Coating page.